Hamburg, port of dreams: a trip to the emigration museum

hapagIt’s a well-known fact that the 19th and 20th centuries saw unprecedented waves of immigration, with millions of Europeans sailing across the Atlantic ocean to start new lives in the Americas. It is perhaps lesser known that for many of those immigrants – about five million – the place of departure was the port of Hamburg.

Hamburg’s role during this period has been memorialized in Ballinstadt, the emigration museum. Located just south of the Elbe in Veddel, the museum consists of the few buildings that remain of the “city within a city” that housed millions of emigrants from 1820 to 1933.



Mundus students listen to an opening presentation at the beginning of their tour of the Ballinstadt Emigration Museum. Photo: Alison Haywood

Programme coordinators Sabine Hoffkamp and Monika Pater organized a tour for current Mundus students and recent graduates to explore the museum on February 15 during the exam writing period. They made the short walk from Veddel train station to the museum building and spent a few hours listening to presentations and taking in the exhibits. Continue reading

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Pupils present MeCoDem poster projects

After spending the semester working on social science research projects in small groups, students of the Media, Conflict and Democratisation classes presented their findings on January 27 in the form of posters.


Mundus Journalism student Ole Krogsgaard explains what each of the pictures at the bottom of his group’s poster represent. His group compared coverage of elections in Kenya and the Philippines. Photo: Alison Haywood

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Alum Ines Drefs returns to Hamburg to share MeCoDem research

Ines Drefs can’t get enough of the Mundus program. After graduating in 2009, she keeps returning to Hamburg university – first as a professor, now as a guest lecturer.

Drefs visited the Hamburg specialism’s Media, Conflict and Democratization class on January 13 to give a lecture on “International media development in conflict societies”. Her research has to do with improving the situation of journalists and the quality of journalism worldwide, especially in areas of conflict or developing democracies. Drefs and her collaborator professor Barbara Thomass conducted the study as part of an EU-funded academic project entitled MeCoDem (Media, Conflict and Democratization)


Mundus alum Ines Drefs shares her research with the Media, Conflict and Democratization classes at the University of Hamburg on January 13. Photo: Alison Haywood

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Exploring Hamburg’s various Christmas markets

One of the biggest draws of Germany in the wintertime are the different Christmas markets that spring up in almost every town, and Hamburg is no exception. Germany’s second-largest city has dozens of different Christmas markets, all with unique themes and styles, and there is scarcely time to see them all in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.


The entrance to Hamburg’s largest Christmas Market located at the Rathaus (City Hall). The market opens and turns on its lights well before dusk. Photo: Alison Haywood

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Hamburg students meet media professionals during annual Berlin trip

The Career Coaching class of the Hamburg specialism is primarily designed to help students select and pursue different career paths their Mundus degree and professional background have prepared them for. In between CV workshops and practice job interviews are regular visits to and from communications professionals, from traditional print and broadcast journalists to professional freelancers to Public Relations officers. The highlight of the class, however, is the annual trip to Berlin, in which students get to visit career professionals in their own environment, touring office buildings and leading question-and-answer sessions – and possibly spend a weekend in Berlin.


Hamburg Mundusians from the 2015-2016 Career Coaching class pose for a quick photo after arriving at the main train station in Berlin for the annual Berlin trip. Photo: Irene Pavia

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A very Mundus reunion

One rainy weekend in October, more than 200 Mundusians from all over the globe gathered together at a conference center in Amsterdam for the first ever Mundus class reunion.


Students from the 2014-2016 Mundus year take a selfie with Aarhus University coordinator Bettina Andersen and programme chairman Hans Henrik Holm during the 2015 Mundus reunion. Photo: Brian F. Benton

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Analytical Journalism: The last task from the first year

The final course of the first program year in Aarhus, Denmark is Analytical Journalism, which teaches students a specific technique for writing long-form analytical journalistic works. After learning about political science and power struggles, globalisation and new media, the last module gave students a chance to put their newly-acquired research skills to work and produce an in-depth analytical article. Class of 2016 Mundusian Amélie Drouet has compiled these stories from her class and published them online to showcase some of the students’ best work.


To see the full list of stories or read individual pieces, click any of the links on this post, or on the photo above. Continue reading

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