Part time work

The dreaded (and internalised) question of work is one so many Hamburg Mundusians identify with: Do I need to find a part time job in order to survive here? Whether or not to seek part time employment is a very personal decision and your success finding work can be dependent on so many factors. No two students are the same.

Based on the experience of your peers, here are a few pointers in regards to working part time while you study.

– Most jobs you need a certain amount of German for. If your German is up to scratch, there are many bars and cafes that hire casual staff

– If you don’t have any level of German, looking for cleaning jobs can often be fruitful as well as tutoring English

– Be aware that the working culture in Germany could be quite different to your own, this can affect your approach to and enjoyment of work

– While the course work load in Hamburg is quite demanding in terms of reading and research, the class schedule is flexible enough that most people manage to find time to fit in work if need be

– Be aware that the process of getting a job can be quite a long one and can require filling out several forms. Most students are entitled to work a certain amount of hours tax free – but this will depend of course on your visa status and whether you are EU or non-EU. The best idea is to check with Monika and Sabine who can provide you with more information about the German regulations for working, as they tend to change sometimes.

Here are some good job-search sites:

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